Dance Of Love


In the DEEP DEEP DEEP, not so terribly long ago, sea monsters were believed to lurk beyond the edge of the world. Quite a bit longer ago came the Eurydice story and recently Raven were commissioned to write two songs for a version called Orpheus the Mariner: I HEARD YOU CALL MY NAME is dedicated by Sarah to her mum; and Karen wrote EURYDICE, Orpheus’ lament about his bargain with Hades for the life of his beloved. The darkest season is celebrated in WINTER SONG, with a promise of spring, slipping smoothly into the holiday mood with the TRADE WINDS blowing, calling us to return to the beautiful Caribbean island described in John Masefield’s poem. Next, sung in Swahili, is the order to ‘Rain now, AFRICA! Our fields are empty.’ RAISE UP YOUR VOICE celebrates the strength of very special friendships and—after the interlude WHAT DID I KNOW?—so too does WINTER’S CHILL, inspired by us singing and playing our instruments under a starry sky around a little camp fire on the beach. And so to bed and then the first waking moment, before full consciousness, at the DAWNING OF DAY. DANCE OF LOVE is our contemplation on the age-old theme of true love. But sometimes it’s dark out there, so HOLD A LIGHT.

Near To Me


Raven’s latest CD takes you on a musical journey from blues to salsa, through folk roots and pop to a hint of jazz, with some beautiful orchestral arrangements on the way.

Let the music and lyrics paint pictures: an African plain; a moonlit moor; spring woods and a delightful garden… To say more would spoil the magic – listen for yourself!

Snow Fall

Christmas, 2011

A mini seasonal CD, focussing on winter and snow.

Rising Sap

2009 (Sonic Moles Studio)

A diverse collection branching into party salsa, rootsy folk and orchestral brass. Also including signature Raven ethereals! The album’s title is taken from a slightly risqué track about desire (a young man, a milkmaid, and some Jersey cows…) but also serves as a metaphor for the shift in mood from its predecessor, the contemplative She Is Here (2008). It has a lighter, warmer and more whimsical air (wistful pop, My Photograph; rootsy Long Road; fun salsa, Red Shoes), but the tranquil Evening Song, heartfelt Sunlight and atmospheric Morgana retain more than a hint of classic Raven’s impeccable ethereal harmonies.Tracks: My Photograph, Long Road, Evening Song, Morgana, Sunlight, Rising Sap, Red Shoes,Time Travlin’, Nightingales.

She Is Here

2008 (Sonic Moles Studio)

Our first completely self-penned album released in 2008.

For classic harmonies and heart-tugging romance, listen to “Sea of Souls”, “Wait for Me” and the haunting atmosphere of “Stones of Time” composed by Karen. She has also written “Pilgrim”, a folky tale with an historical slant, set across the high seas.

Sarah likes to play with musical genres when she composes, travelling through rootsy folk, pop and classics with a dash of funk and a sprinkling of daring choral whenever possible! Amongst others, her diverse songs include “In the Blink of an Eye”, taking you to Australia and back (see the band live for a full explanation!); the title track “She Is Here” – a confirmation of the mighty strength of Mother Nature, and “The Journey”, a homage to geese and their amazing migrations.

Winter Song

2007 (Sonic Moles Studio)

A collection of winter-themed songs

Dawning of Day

Recorded live in 2006.

“Harmonious voices singing diverse and delectable music combining traditional and original material as well as contemporary arrangements.”

Known for their natural musical togetherness, warmth and fun, Raven epitomise all that is fresh and exciting in modern music.

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