Jaye Lewis

Vocals, tenor recorder, flute, percussion.

Having sung, danced and generally shown off since the age of six, Jaye began her career as a PE and Drama teacher, quickly realising she would rather do it than teach it! She worked in the professional theatre and TV as a dancer, actor and stage manager – before deciding to get a proper job! Settling in Scarborough, she was Manager for Relate and then Age Concern. She returned to her dramatic roots in 1997, working as Assistant to the Artistic and Executive Directors at The Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough. Raven has been a fantastic opportunity to perform again, as well as being choreographer for the band.

Karen Chalmers

Vocals, keyboard, piano accordion, recorder, percussion.

Karen hails from a musical background and has been surrounded by singing all her life. Her parents were keen members of a local amateur operatic society, into which tradition Karen followed. She has also been a member of several choirs. Having trained in classical piano, Karen has used her skills both performing in popular local bands over many years and writing music for children through her job as a primary school music teacher. Karen also composes and arranges for Raven. Her relaxing and romantic compositional style is ethereal and melodic.

Nia Davidson

Vocals, ukulele, recorder, percussion

Nia’s Welsh-chapel-small-country-school upbringing meant hymns, “Singing Together” and Recorder Book 1. She discovered the true power of music at the age of six when she sang solo for Miss Davies, her departing teacher, who broke down in floods of tears! Mostly in London over the past thirty years, she has broadened her range from tears to smiles in various ensembles and finds herself perfectly at home in Scarborough singing with Raven. The whimsical “My Photograph” was written to keep her from missing Wales too much and gave her an excuse to learn the ukulele.

Sally Lidgley

Vocals and percussion.

Sally’s husky, low vocals provide depth and atmosphere, particularly noticeable when she solos on “Kothbiro”, an African rain song. She also adds weight and liveliness to the music with her versatile djembe and conga playing.

Pat Edmond

Vocals, guitar, recorder, percussion

Coming from a “long family line of exuberant exhibitionists” has nurtured her uncontrollable love of performance and musical accompaniments! Her late grandfather was a pub fiddle player, conjurer and all-round entertainer, her mother, over the years, a soloist in several choirs and WI (Wild Indian?) chief and her late father a keen brass band member. With unbounded enthusiasm, she contributes to arrangements, and has an impressive vocal range. On “Sea of Souls”, she plays didgeridoo, bringing to life Scarborough’s fog horn in all its haunting atmosphere.

Sarah Dew

Vocals, keyboard, penny whistle, bass guitar, percussion

Having been trained in classical piano, Sarah has been part of the local music scene for many years, playing folk, funk, rock and roots in local bands. She now composes and arranges for Raven. She enjoys pushing boundaries with vocal harmonies and mixed genres, resulting in song styles from up-tempo salsa to avant-garde choral.

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